Saturday, 26 June 2021

Canva Practice + Free Digital Paper

If you're here for the free digital download, scroll down till the end...

I suddenly felt like blogging again.
And who knows, this time round I'm here to stay eh?

So.. We're blessed with a 2nd child, another boy! The last few weeks have been mostly me snuggling with him in the daytime and staying up at night just to have a bit of me-time and regain my sanity (by playing Nintendo switch haha).

I'm going to work in 1 more week.. i think it could be the reason why i'm suddenly having this a moment of clarity that I NEED and WANT to do something before my maternity leave ends.

It's not perfect but it's done.
Like how the grid is actually not equally divided in thirds...

I wanted to learn Canva so i created my first Pinterest template. i actually created real printables :) The digital paper is designed on Procreate and it can be used them in instagram, as wallpaper or anything really. They are of high-res quality too, so they can be printed out as well.

I'm was excited to design more things with Canva.
So i tried out my digital paper and also created some templates .
Here are some of the uses of digital paper on Instagram:

Personal IGstory

I like this actually.
cos i always forgot to water my plants lol

I hope you like my sharing. Thanks for reading :)
Here's the link for the free digital download:

Let me know what you think!


Sunday, 12 August 2018

Activity: Farmart Centre

On National Day, we decided that we would spend some time outside. We didn't really know where to go but since we were in CCK area visiting a friend, I suggested going to some of the farms nearby.

We haven't been to Farmart Centre before but we have heard of it. For us, we are only interested in the Mini Animal Corner, just to let Irfan see some animals. It's great that they are open on Public Holidays as well, from 9am - 6.30pm.

A big entrance welcomed us. We saw that the eatery was quite happening with some singing by some aunties and uncles. Haha. 

We headed down the steps and walked to a path at the end which leads to the Animal Corner.
We didn't expect it but the Animal Corner really had quite a number of cages of animals, from rabbits to guinea pigs, fish, frogs, birds and 2 mountain goats! Hahah the goats were the main stars of the show because they are very cute and friendly.
We purchased $5 worth of animal food : some leafy veggie, carrots, sunflower seeds and pellet food.

Irfan fed the goats and seem confused. Why these animals taking my veggie and carrots?? (Cos usually we are the ones feeding him, he hasn't learn to offer us food yet)

Anyway, in the end it seems that I am enjoying the trip much more than my baby hahaha. i loveeeee the goats and birds especially. there is a grey parrot (googled : Congo Grey Parrot / African Grey Parrot) who said hello and bye bye to me! Of course he deserved extra sunflower seeds from me <3

Watch the video on my YouTube:

Overall, we didn't expect to have that much fun as it was unplanned. But we're really glad that we did explore the Lim Chu Kang area (we also drove around to some plant nurseries). LOVE TO BE AWAY FROM THE BUSY CITY LIFE DEFINITELY.

And happy 53rd birthday Singapore!

67 Sungei Tengah Road, S(699008)

Mini Animal Corner
Weekdays: 9.00am – 1.00pm
Weekends & Public Holidays: 9.00am – 6.30pm
School Holidays: 9.00am – 4.00pm

Friday, 11 March 2016

Food: Springleaf Prata @ The Rail Mall

Prata turned 'hipster' aka Plaster Blaster
Prata is like every Singaporean's staple food. Don't know what to eat for breakfast? There's prata. Wanna have supper but not macs? There's prata. Prata comes in many forms too, tissue prata, egg prata, prata kosong or even instant prata (you can cook them at home to satisfy your cravings anytime). And then there's pratas cousins like murtabak, thosai and the long lost nephew chapati and naan.
New outlet at The Rail Mall
Today was one of the night we need something after work to fill our tummies before bed. Along the route home, we passed by Railway Mall and since there were some eateries open, we thought we could have a look. Must be like magic or something because there it was - Springleaf Prata!
Packed with late night supper goers
Bandung $1.50, Model priceless (lol)
The place was packed even at 11+pm, mostly with groups of youngsters (us included :p) We weren't sure what to eat because the menu wasn't descriptive and there wasn't any pictures. Therefore, we head to our reliable Foursquare and Instagram for pictures and hopefully some recommendations.

One of the things mostly instagram-ed was their Plaster Blaster. It is basically a prata with 2 pieces of turkey ham, topped with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Think eggs benedict but prata version.
The mayonnaise probably looks unappetising here but damn everything was perfect.
Plaster Blaster $5
We also came at a time whereby they were doing some photography shots of their menu to help visual customers like us who needs pictures to make our meal choices. Hehe. The guys were helpful and recommended Plaster Blaster as something that would be suitable for supper if we were to share between us both. Their murtaburger or umami-50 would be too much for such a late night meal. 

Poking the poached egg.
The prata was good. Hollandaise sauce is surprisingly perfect. I forgot to mention, their plaster blaster comes with the usual serving of curry! Their curry is fragrant and chunky which we both really liked.

Served with curry
Overall, we spent $6.50 for our prata and bandung. Price wise it is definitely affordable and we will indeed come visit again to try out their other specials :) last order is at 11.30pm (they close at 12) so it's an ideal supper place *thumbs up*

Lots of parking space outside the shop

Overall it was a good supper session. Service is good and place is lively. Not to forget that The Rail Mall is a nostalgic place to visit in Singapore. In the day, you could climb up the railway track if you're feeling adventurous ;)

It's also nice to see something like prata turned 'hipster' and different, but prata in all definitions is always good. We'll definitely visit again to try out their other Specials! :)
:B Prata Monsters for tonight
Springleaf Prata Place
The Rail Mall
396 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678040

Opening hours: 7am till midnight
Last order at 11.30pm

Monday, 22 February 2016

Food: Chaiwalla & Co. (JB)

Today we're off to JB for a short trip and mini date.
Lately we have been busying ourselves with wedding preparations and what not. So we decided that today we should make time just for ourselves :)

The ride to Johor was enjoyable with lots of sunshine and wind. After braving usual crowd at the Woodlands Checkpoint, I told him that i feel like drinking something good.

Lots of parking space available if you are coming via car or bike
Therefore, he brought us to Chaiwalla & Co! I have always wanted to come here because he had been here a few times with his colleagues.
Malaysia's 1st Container Cafe.
The name Chaiwalla "is derived from a hindi word that means 'someone who prepares the tea'."
With the popping up of container cafes, this cafe is well-known even to those living in Singapore. They currently have 3 outlets: 2 in JB and one at The Curve, Damansara. The one we visited today is located in JB, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee.

We have a choice from teas, coffees, milk teas, fresh milk and smoothies. He got himself the Thai Milk Tea (RM9.30) and I chose the Double Chocolate Milk Tea with Pearls (RM7.20) for myself. 

I like how they show the information of their drinks. Looks like those nutritional info on food eh?
Should have aimed at the centre hole. LOL
They also have assorted pies (RM8.30) and brownies for us to fill our tummies with. Since they have run out of Chicken and Mushroom Pie, we tried their Black Pepper Beef instead. 
Black Pepper Beef Pie (RM8.30) 
Flaky and crispy pie crust :)
The meat and veggies in the pie was tender and the pie crust flaky, so it was simple yet fulfilling.
By the way, don't be surprised or disappointed if you only see a few tables. The waiters will be more than willing to set more tables for you.
We stayed till most of the have already customers left :D
Our bill totaled to RM24.80 and it was a relaxing date with each other. The short getaway and something different was really something we both needed  :)

The good things in life are better with You <3

Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday9:30AM–10:30PM

Friday, 25 December 2015

Thank You

Happy holidays from us at The Everlasting Project SG!

Hi everyone!

Times passes by so fast and before long, we are already on our last week of 2015. Hope that everyone had a great year so far and we would also like to thank everyone for being with us since July 2014. Without your support, it wouldn't have been easy. Thank you for your comments, your shares on Facebook, your feedback and your kind words to us in person as well. :D

My hope for 2016
With the coming year, most of us had set some resolutions (my resolution is not to have any resolutions) and I wish us good luck on that! Thank you once again for reading our humble blog and I  hope the coming year will get better for all of us, not only the humans in Singapore but every single person throughout the world.


Thursday, 17 December 2015

Activity: Make Your Own Terrarium

So, what is a terrarium?

I've always wanted to create a terrarium of my own and my mini dream came true when UNISIM offered a 'Make Your Own Terrarium' workshop held by Little Green Pot.
Early Saturday morning
The workshop was only a short 1 hour so you can definitely tell that making a terrarium of your own isn't hard work. But i can tell you that the workshop definitely opened my eyes to the world of miniature plants.
My chosen plant
The workshop instructor was also really good. He provided useful details and information (so that our terrarium wouldn't die by the next week :p). Theory-wise, it was a short jog of memory to my Plant Biotechnology days in Singapore Poly.
We were given a jar filled with the items needed and a plant each
The 'ingredients' - Small gravel, charcoal, soil, decorative pebbles and decoration
I'm so lucky that I got a snowman deco! I call him Olaf hehe
Before the hands-on, we had a mini theory session. A terrarium may live as short as 3 days to 3 years depending on how well it is maintained. (Which is really little as it is self-sustainable). These are the 5 useful tips I've learnt from the workshop:

  1. Keep the environment closed: A terrarium is self-sustainable meaning the entire water cycle and photosynthesis process will happen within the jar without any external help.
  2. No direct sunlight: Natural light is enough. Office desks work as well.
  3. Minimal water required: Only water once every 6 months.
  4. Condensation is normal. If big droplets appear, air the container for around 15 mins
  5. Once the plant is too big for the container, you can either:
           - Trim the plant
           - Open the top and grow as an open condition
           - Leave as it is, the plant will find a way to grow within the container

The tools
Our hands on sessions was facilitated and we followed the steps together.
The workshop instructor was there to make sure that we're doing it right and good enough.

My favourite part was when we had to dig a hole as big as possible for our plant to be placed in. Soil was then scooped in from the sides to make sure that the roots are fully covered.

The challenging part was to flatten the soil around the plant. This will make sure that the plant stay rooted and stably upright. I had uprooted my plant once during this process HAHA but luckily i managed to get it nicely covered again without destroying my plant. 

I love this tool, it's like a stirrer but with a flat scoop used to flatten the soil.
The next step is simple - DECORATE! We were given colourful decorative pebbles and a mini deco item each. And then it's done! It's so simple right?
My happy Olaf in a tropical climate
Here are the summarise steps with pictures:

I really loved the workshop and I would recommend it to everyone. You don't even have to have green fingers and the maintenance required is almost none! These mini gardens are definitely pleasing to the eye and will make a wonderful decoration for home or office.

I am planning to decorate my future house with them! heh :D
My terrarium alongside one of the other student's
If you want to find out more about terrariums, you can visit Little Green Pot or their Facebook page to take a look. They usually hold 2 workshops per month and you can find out more information by e-mailing them.

Hope you've enjoyed this post! 
Please let me know what you think in the comments below and share the post if you like it :)